Latin America

Tillerson’s Tour of Latin America: A Reminder of Who’s Boss


US secretary of state Rex Tillerson is touring Latin America. His itinerary includes all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as a visit with the leaders of five countries (Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Jamaica). The main practical agenda consists the fight against crime and narcotics, immigration, and the economy. However, this is also in many ways a symbolic move.

On the eve of the tour, Tillerson spoke at the University of Texas, after which he left for Mexico.

South American Geopolitics


The preceding two parts of the research examined the most geostrategically significant events and trends in South American history, thus preparing the reader for better understanding the present-day geopolitical situation in the continent.

South America In The Emerging Multipolar World Order


The Transoceanic Railroad is China’s number one New Silk Road investment in the southern portion of the supercontinent, and it has the exciting potential to fundamentally rewire South America’s geopolitics in the decisive direction of multipolarity.

Lenin defeated the banker in Equador


On Sunday, April 2, 2016, the election of the President of Ecuador took place. The incumbent Vice President Lenin Moreno received 51.11% of voters voted for the representative of the governing coalition "Alliance PAIS" ("Alliance Country"). Guillermo Lasso, who ran from the center-right "Movement CREO", won 48.89% of the vote.