The Rebirth of Khaddaffi: How Muammar’s Son Can Win in the Elections


The son of Libyan leader Muammar Khaddaffi (who was executed during the civil war) will be taking part in the presidential elections in 2018. As was reported by the family’s press agency, the forty-four-year-old Saif al-Islam Khaddaffi will soon present his pre-election program, which will include procedures that “he hopes will be approved by the UN and which are capable of helping Libya move away from the current transition period towards stability”.  

Libyan Puzzles: How to Save The country from Self-Destruction


Tuesday, Dec. 12 talks were held in Moscow between foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and the head of Libya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Siala. The subject of the discussion was mainly the consolidation of international efforts to stabilise Libya, UN mediation, but also the next elections in the country.

The Russian diplomat remarked separately, that after the latest efforts of representatives of Tripoli and Tobruk an “intensive dialogue” was begun on the modification of the Skhirat agreement, which forms the basis for long term regulation.