Will There Be a Coalition in Germany?


After incredibly long negotiations, mutual accusations, and the publication of anti-ratings, the three potential partners of a ruling coalition for Germany have finally come to an agreement, as was reported by the press agency DPA. The conservative CDU-CSU bloc and the SPD have agreed on a 28-page document, which is to become the foundation for a new coalition agreement. The social democrats approved the paper the last.

Alternative für Merkel: What Didn’t Go Right for the Chancellor


Almost half of German citizens (47%) has expressed the opinion that German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel should leave her post before the end of her mandate.

The poll was conducted by the sociological service YouGov for the agency DPA. About two thousand citizens of Germany with the right to vote participated in the poll.

36% expressed the opinion, that Merkel should remain until the end of her term in 2021.

Manuel Ochsenreiter - Double Trump Trouble for the Liberal European Elites


We have a double Trump effect.

The first Trump effect is on the media. All mainstream European media, especially German media, were lying to the European audience for 18 months.

The German mainstream media excluded the chance that Donald Trump could be elected as US president. They were absolutely sure of this and repeated this lie over and over again. Even the liberal American media didn’t exclude that Donald Trump might have a chance to win the election.