For Olga

When I was born 42 years ago, the nationalist factor seemed to lose its importance in the face of the geopolitical competition between the two blocks in a practical dimension and even stronger emphasis on human rights issues in the propaganda an

Fairytale Polish Empire


Nearly one million square kilometres, territories from Estonia to Moldavia and from Silesia to Smolensk (of course, not at the same time ...), "Shuysky Tribute" (no matter that made by EX-tsar), the Winged Hussars (drowned in the mud of the Zhovti Vody and Korsun, plucked in the Batih River, following the Swedish Deluge or descending in subsequent wars). Polish Empire. Dream which is not only indestructible, but unfortunately never actually existed – but still influent Polish (geo)political thinking.

Are Germans natural born enemies of Poland?


Are Germans natural born enemies of Poland? Yes and no. No, because the historical Polish-German problems have been associated in the last 160 years with Wilhelminismus – Prussian path for Germany, and with Hitlerism, which means a scam in the Nazi movement. Yes - because Poland and Germany are in conflict based on authentic and easy to define territorial claims.