Catalonia is not Europe

Many will not like this article but you can not write fashionable thoughts, with the goddess of not discrediting anyone. Not only is it impossible but trying to do it ends up being so accommodating that you have no real opinion on anything.

Referendum Evaluation

Photo Source: CNN
Photo Source: CNN

On April 16, Turkey went to the polls for a referendum for an amendment to its constitution, including the new administration system.

Britain chooses a “Hard Brexit”


British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the government’s plans for a full Brexit and plans for a new relationship with the European Union.

Theresa May has named specific next steps: withdrawing from the European market and canceling trade agreements, terminating the European Court's jurisdiction over the territory of the kingdom, and independent control over migration. However, the prime minister stressed the need for cooperation with the EU in the field of defense and security, particularly in combating terrorism and international crime.