We will die of Science

Modern science, born as a reaction from below to the unquestionable truths of the Scriptures, is now removed from the doubts that come precisely from below; raised to the rank of untouchable faith by a tireless army of televised priests.

The study of International Relations in Islam: An Islamic paradigm


The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of Islam in explaining International Relations by providing an Islamic paradigm to the study of International Relations. In order to go about such a study, the research was divided into three major phases: the first explaining the Islamic perspective of International relations and its approach to understanding the World Order, second to underline western discourse and criticisms regarding Islamic theories on International Relations and third to provided possible answers to western criticism and to signify the importance of Islam as a major global discipline on International Relations. The research highlights the role of Islam in explaining International Relations through the use of Islamic scriptures and by presenting some of the historical evidences in order to present the Islamic paradigm to International Relations. The research recommends more active and prominent role by Islamic academics in order to highlight the importance of Islamic theories and perspectives of International Relations in order for it to become a global discourse.