Sacred Communities and The Emergent Multipolar Landscape


The righteous and the God-fearing will prevail and inherit the Earth, and this is because the universe that our Maker has created is a moral universe, which means that while things might become temporarily displaced as a result of the wicked taking undue advantage of the limited freedom of will that God has granted them for a limited time, God’s order will ineluctably be restored in the long term and when all is said and done.

Third World War: the beginning?


He wanted to drain the Swamp. It's commendable. But this business is risky. Swamp has drained “the” Trump. What is happening in Syria today is strictly the same as what the globalists -- that is the Swamp -- were striving for. Trump's factor evaporated before our eyes. He tried to be hero for a while, but he failed. From now on he is a pawn in the game of more serious forces. He showed that he was no longer Trump. Maybe Trump's other attempt to "become a Trump" will accur later, but it is already unlikely.