Anthropological moment in human history


The process of liberation of the human individual  from all traces of collective identity has reach its ultimate point. But to be human is the same as to share collective identity with other human. In the liberal individualist liberal sight it should be optional – as in the case of gender, nation, religion, race and so on. So today gay-pride – tomorrow robot-pride. This approaching moment obliges us to rethink what is human in coming years and months. If liberal individualist anthropology is right, so well – welcome to Singularity and let’s accelerate its coming.

TransEvolution: The Age of Human Deconstruction


There will be some black magic yet, and certain things that will outright petrify. I think genetic engineering – we’re only now seeing the last people; we haven’t yet seen the first post-people, which are very soon to come. These should be mutants, clones, and they aren’t just fantasies or science fiction.