Sigmund Freud, Impostor?


As I witnessed myself during my sojourn in London in the decade following 9/11, Freudianism had arrived in England only with a delay of almost a century, thanks to the unwritten laws of Common sense going back to Runny Mead.

Brexit – A Particular Perspective


The recent surge in particular sentiments, anti-globailsm and authenticity politics betrays a longing for a politcal rapproachment between reality and representation or the way we think and the way we speak.

Waiting for the Domino Effect (Europe after BREXIT)


The BREXIT become a symbol of the fall of the European Union and indeed in some aspects it could be an impulse for possible changes of this organization (actually the European State) - but not necessarily it would give the same results as is expected in some groups, dreaming of the return of former national states, the principle of sovereignty and identity.