The Supreme Court judgement on Brexit to be announced


Today, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom will rule whether Parliament or ministers have the power to begin the Brexit process.

In November of last year, the High Court in London ruled that the Brexit procedure cannot be started without the approval of parliament. After the court statement, the government appealed to the Supreme Court.

Britain moves to appoint new EU envoy

5. January 2017 - 16:00

Britain is to appoint career diplomat Tim Barrow to replace Ivan Rogers, its top envoy at the EU who quit this week with a blistering attack on the government's plans to leave the bloc.

Juncker’s speech in Strasbourg: what he said and what he meant


Jean-Claude Juncker, in his political speech in Strasbourg yesterday, noted that the EU is faced with an "existential crisis". The European Commission President pointed out that the members of the union “never have enough common ground and common position." And, in his opinion, this division contributes to strengthening of populism, which, according to Juncker "does not solve problems, but creates them." As proof of his words, he cited a number of reasons.