Leonid Savin

Emerging Multipolarity and its Consequences


TV host and Editor in Chief of Tactical Talk Network, Zain Khan invites Russian author Leonid Savin to discuss #Polarity and #Multipolarity. #InternationalRelations

GG or Geek Geopolitics. Part II


At present, only two companies – South Korea’s Samsung and Taiwan’s TSMC – manufacture semiconductors on an industrial scale at the most advanced process nodes. These industry leaders are currently producing in commercial quantities at the 7-nanometre (nm) node, while striving to move to 5 nm, and then, finally, to 3 nm by the mid-2020s. For comparison, the US integrated chip manufacturer Intel is also eager to produce in volume at 7 nm, but the company ran into difficulties in achieving this goal, announcing in July 2020 that production of its next-generation chips would be delayed until 2022.

Russian Federation in the post-pandemic world


Andrea Turi interviewed Leonid Savin, geopolitical analyst, editor-in-chief of Geopolitica.ru, founder and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Eurasian Affairs, head of the administration of the international “Eurasian movement”, author of various books.

The following interview was used for the drafting of the article Asia in the post-pandemic world published on the Eurasia magazine website.