US Republican Party, one of the two parties possessing a de facto political monopoly, is openly and consistently guided by a Protestant, fundamentalist worldview fully in line with the axis of American civilization and the dogmatic religious incarnation of the US’ Manifest Destiny.

Hard times for Serbia

When Aleksandar Vucic and Tomislav Nikolic came to power, the expectations of Serbian citizens and Serbs in the region were high. Unfortunately, soon the Belgrade duo began to extinguish all the hopes of the Serbs in better times.

Coaching War


Adopting new technologies such as social networks, religious infiltration, and transnational flows (including media activity), it is now being implemented in the broad spectrum of Coaching War.

The Neocon Past and the Post-Neocon Present


“A group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers” has studied Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election and has concluded that voting machine tampering occurred in three key swing states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvan