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Remembering Sabra and Shatila

Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Photo - Public Domain Pictures

It has been thirty-six years, since the 16th of September 1982, when thousands of Palestinian refugees and Lebanese civilians were massacred in the Western-Beirut densely packed and impoverished refugee camp area, known for Sabra and Shatila.

Washington In The Maelstrom Of Current Global Politics


The aggressive attacks launched by the Democrats, although those were intended as a measure to discredit Donald Trump, will ultimately come back to haunt them, once they themselves end up being blamed for the deteriorating sympathies toward the Democrats and the US on the part of America’s allies and partners — not to mention its competitors.

Idlib: the mother of all battles

For Syria, the war is not over yet. While Daraa and Quneitra return under the army of Bashar al Assad, the strategists in Damascus prepare the offensive towards the last and fundamental enemy stronghold: Idlib.