Can Rouhani Win a Second Term in Iran?


Preparations for presidential elections which will be held on 19 May 2017 have begun in Iran with the announcement that Hassan Rouhani is the first person nominated for the presidential race. But in spite of this, some analysts suggest that Rouhani, who came to power in 2013 promising to resolve the nuclear issue and expand the margin of freedoms and improve the economic situation, may not be able easily to win a second presidential term, as was the case with all ex-presidents in Iran, with the exception of the first unstable period of the Islamic revolution.

The Ideological Platform of the Eurasian Movement


WHEREAS,  The entire historical record can be summed up as a giant geopolitical struggle and all major wars of international scope have always and forever been waged over conflicting geopolitical-cultural values – which is to say between telluric

Russian Nationalism and Eurasianism


The recent flurry of writing on Russian politics, nationalism and Alexander Dugin shows the contemptible inability of western savants to apprehend any idea beyond the cliche's of stagnant neo-liberalism.

Some Thoughts on the Creation of Intellectual Eurasianism


"Actually, the truth is that the West really is in great need of  »defense«, but only against itself and its own tendencies, which, if they are pushed to their conclusion, will lead inevitably to its ruin and destruction; it is t