Peter Mamonov: When The Abyss Hums


During the pandemic, we began to lose famous people not one by one, as usual, but in whole blocks. Which is very sad. We do not have time to recover from one loss, as immediately the next. July was particularly troubling.

Ontology and anthropology of theater Lecture 1. Introduction to course


Whether a New Beginning of the theater is possible, is the Conservative Revolution is possible in the theater, is it possible to resacralize the theater, and return to its roots, is it possible to put this inappropriate actor back in the choir and return to the theater his fundamental ontology and anthropology that we have lost? 

Macron puts Alain Soral in jail

20. September 2019 - 11:19

French political scientist Alain Soral was sentenced to 18 months in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros for having made a rap clip in which he declared that Rothschild, Jacques Attali and Berna-Henri