TransEvolution: The Age of Human Deconstruction


There will be some black magic yet, and certain things that will outright petrify. I think genetic engineering – we’re only now seeing the last people; we haven’t yet seen the first post-people, which are very soon to come. These should be mutants, clones, and they aren’t just fantasies or science fiction.

Only Russians can save Russians in Ukraine - political analyst

The conflict in Ukraine started by the illegal junta government and nazi forces which continue to commit horrendous crimes with impunity because they have the full backing of their paymasters across the sea, has destabilized Europe and the world

Europe, Globalization and Metapolitics

- Mr. Steuckers, we would like to start our interview by describing the current situation in the EU, especially in its North-West region. What could you tell us about it?

Germany is not a sovereign state

- Manuel, please, can you to characterize contemporary foreign policy of Germany, it's implications toward EU, changes during last years and possible perspectives?