Science and education

The Living Dead


A central theme in Traditionalist thought is how all temporal power, beauty, goodness and innocence in the microcosm of the earthly sphere reflects eternal archetypes in the macrocosm of the heavenly sphere.

The second Greek genocide

Alberto Bagnai is well-known Italian professor of economics who has always been hostile to the Euro, to the Troika, to Brussels for a set of reasons with which I personally agree.

Dreaming of an Empire


The world is living nowadays in a period of high tension on a line stretching from Ukraine in the North, past the Middle East in the center

The Crimea and the Eurasianist idea as resistance geopolitics

“I know one thing and I’ll tell you: if Russia survives this period and is eventually saved, it will be as a Eurasian entity and through the Eurasianist idea”, said the Russian ethnographer, historian and geographer Lev Gumilyev in an interview