The Epitome of Freedom, Humanity and Love


Iraq, a country that lacks many basic security standards and living conditions and specifically the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala which have a capacity of less than half a million at best, play host to 20 million+ pilgrims who cover the roads l

Christian Metaphysics: The Essence of the Problem


Christianity is that tradition whose metaphysical dimension has been studied least of all. This is quite a paradox since one would think that such a deep study of Christianity, the religion of the West, would attract all those interested in metaphysics and who, following Guénon, are trying to make sense of the most profound aspects of Tradition. Nevertheless, the disputes surrounding Christianity in Traditionalist circles are, as a rule, limited to fairly secondary, practical issues regarding the virtual initiation of the sacraments, the absence of an idea of cyclical time, etc. I