Through the Dim Glass


When discussing the merits of a political figure in relationship to his command of a nation-state's armed forces, I am reminded of a precise commentary by Clausewitz who stated, “From the simple narration of a historical event which merely places

U.S. Exceptionalism and Strategies


Russia now finds itself in a historical position: it  must either contain the bellicose Messianic vision of the United States regarding its overreach for world hegemony, or eventually go to war with the United States

Whither Germany – East or West?


This past October 3rd marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the “reunification” – or rather, Atlanticization – of the German fatherland.

Why is Bosnia important to Russia?


Together with Serbian Krajina (territory in today’s Croatia) Bosnia and Herzegovina represents the western part of the Serbian ethnic map, which in practice means it is the most western territory compactly inhabited by Eastern-Orthodox Christian S