The Pseudo-Religion of Oil and Gas


Amid ongoing attacks on Nord Stream 2 and the advancement of the green agenda, gas prices in Europe continue to break records. Now the cost of a thousand cubic meters of natural gas is already $ 1500.

Being and Oil: Chad Haag’s Transcendental Logic of Oil in Outline


 Calling upon Aristotle as well as medieval and early Protestant Christianity, he condemns the institution of finance for what it was known but 300 years ago: the sin of extortion and usury. This parasitic vampire of labor, as Marx called it, is the pure form of capital which Chad targets as the most concrete economic realization of Oil. Not only is a life of finance in banking, but also in investing such as stocks, and capital investments in production not possible without the ground of oil, but they also are manifestations of the logic of Oil in the pursuit of explosive profits and endless surplus growth.