Broken Arrow

Photo - Flickr
Photo - Flickr

The Border Guard

Erasing national borders does not make people safer or more prosperous.

It undermines democracy and trades away prosperity.

Geopolitics of Kosovo


The ethnic demarcation that is promoted by serbian president Aleksandar Vucic, between Serbs and Albanians is just another name for the creation of Greater Albania.

Geographic connectivity vs chaos

Photo - Pixabay
Photo - Pixabay

Eurasia holds major part of the global demographic and geographical potential, however it has not been able to achieve connectivity dividends because of a long history of wars and conflicts.

War on Eurasia integration: the sense of economic war on Iran


Eurasian integration is on display in Astana, where Russia, Iran and Turkey are deciding the fate of Syria, in coordination with Damascus. Iran’s strategic depth in post-war Syria simply won’t vanish. The challenge of Syrian reconstruction will be met largely by Bashar al-Assad’s allies: China, Russia and Iran.