Pakistan At A Crossroads


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is steadily changing its policies – both domestic and foreign. Outside observers are putting the change down to democratic transition and an Asian-style populism.

Will the objective U-Turn of Trump serve Pakistan?


Leo Tolstoy has rightly stated in his illustrious novel War and Peace that “The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience.” Everywhere in the world, when there is war, the final decision is taken on the table and so is A

The People’s Uprising: 'Yellow Jacket' case


The official reason for the protests in France is the price hike on gasoline and diesel fuel. Over the past year, prices have already increased by 15%, with one liter of gasoline in France now costing, in terms of Russian money, more than 110 rubles (just under two dollars).

The Global Winter War


I read Dr. Andrey Kortunov's (RIAC Director General) speech to members of the strategic dialog organized by Emirates Policy Center, with the support of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To begin with, from my own humble opinion, if Dr.

The Russia's game in Libya


You can not have a leading role in Libya, without going through Russia. This is one of the few certainties that occur in the chaos that pervades the North African country.