Shaping the Multipolar Future of World

The emerging Sino-Russian strategic partnership hinted that Russia and China have teamed up to systemize new set-up of international relations which reflects the multipolar transition around the globe.

The Battle Of The Blocs


The final part of the study about South American geopolitics is a detailed examination of what the author has taken to calling “The Battle of the Blocs”.

More than just politics: eurasianism


 “The refusal of Eurasianism to be a strict follower of Western model satisfied traditionalists (Erbakan and his successor Erdogan); the interpretation of Eurasianism in the sense that “approaching towards West without giving up on

South American History, Part II


The first part of this chapter addressed the continent’s history up until the end of the Cold War, while the final half will discuss the broader developments that have occurred since then. 

Endless War vs Peace in the XXI Century


America is the nation at war since the hundred years to till now. More than 60 independent and sovereign states were destroyed directly and indirectly by Washington interference to usher the World Order with Western allies in this 21st century.

South America In The Emerging Multipolar World Order


The Transoceanic Railroad is China’s number one New Silk Road investment in the southern portion of the supercontinent, and it has the exciting potential to fundamentally rewire South America’s geopolitics in the decisive direction of multipolarity.