Youtube Must be Destroyed


Youtube excelled again. This time he demolished the Russian television channel Russia Today in Germany without warning. As soon as I gave comments on the elections to the Bundestag for this channel, Youtube immediately eliminated it. Coincidence?

Humanity was nearly erased


The global shutdown on Monday 4 October is a really big deal. In a sense, it is comparable to a rehearsal for the end of the world. This comparison would be appropriate if we lived in the light.

Hybrid Warfare Ecosystems: Russia Under Attack


It is quite natural that Russia, which seeks to strengthen its sovereignty and is generally oriented towards a multipolar world, interprets many processes proceeding from its interests and from its values, which sometimes do not coincide at all with the interests and values ​​of the United States, NATO countries and globalist circles. But this gives no reason at all to call Russian media policy in the international context either “disinformation” or “propaganda.” However, in the eyes of the State Department and the entire Western propaganda machine, everything that does not coincide with the views of the globalists and the United States, contradicts them, gives an alternative point of view, opposes their strategies and approaches, is perceived as an “enemy attack.”