Political philosophy

Fourth Political Theory: shortest presentation


Any Political Theory is defined by the paradigms of History being fully dependant of them. So in oreder to understand 4PT cirrectly we need to consider what three basic paradigms are: Pre-Modernity (traditional society) - Modernity (modern society) - Post-Modernity (a kind of post-society or dis-society where all social ties are destroyed)

Alain de Benoist: De-globalization


It is all the more difficult to oppose globalization from a more restricted base. Isolated countries, for example, can hardly stand alone against the omnipotence of financial markets. That's also the reason why, taking into account the risks of retaliation (or “commercial war”), protectionism on the European continental scale would be more effective than a simple national protectionism – which is nevertheless better than no protectionism at all.

The Return of Belle Epoch Hysteria


Sigmund Freud’s project of psychological enlightenment seems to have failed. For his struggle to tame the 19th century plague of hysteria could well have come to nothing because it is back with a vengeance.