Political philosophy

Men of Mystery: Raymond Abellio & Jean Parvulesco – Their Vision of a New Europe


Raymond Abellio claimed that the Flemish occultist S.U. Zanne, pseudonym of Auguste Van de Kerckhove (1838-1923), was amongst the greatest initiates of the modern era. But hardly anyone knows who he is. Some have placed Abellio in the same category – he too is a great unknown for most. And those that have looked at Abellio largely conclude that he was a French fascist politician with an interest in esotericism. Was he? Part of the problem is that Abellio’s writings – like that of so many alchemists – need a key. So much of their material is coded text, and Abellio himself used to laugh that most people’s keys “only opened their own doors” – not his. Who was he really, and what were his true political aims?

Liberalism 2.0


In the present historical momentum, we can clearly distinguish a very important phenomenon: a new turn in liberal ideology. Like any other political ideology, liberalism is constantly changing, but at certain times we can catch really paradigmatic shifts which give us the right to say: here something is ending and something new is beginning.