Political philosophy

The Manifesto of Great Awakening. Against Great Reset.


"The Great Reset" wants to make the world unipolar again in order to move towards a globalist non-polarity, where the elites will become fully international and their residence will be dispersed throughout the entire space of the planet. This is why globalism brings about the end of the US as a country, a state, a society. This is what the Trumpists and supporters of the Great Awakening sense, sometimes intuitively. Biden is a sentence passed on the United States. And from the US to everyone else.



Westernization was a great part of this globalization — because that is a projection of Western values and Western society on all of humanity. So, in globalization, the West is taken as an example. The second level of globalization is a projection of modernization onto Westernization.

Alexander Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism and the Eurasian Union Project:


The day after Vladimir Putin announced the goal of establishing a Eurasian Union between the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, an important article appeared in the Financial Times.[1] In that article, Charles Clover asserted that Putin’s announcement marked “the epitome” of the ambitions of “a small group of committed ‘Eurasianists,’” Alexander Dugin foremost among them.

Iran and the fulfillment of history


Iranians created the concept of time, the concept of a goal of history. And all the messianic aspects of Western -- Jewish and Christian -- traditions have their roots in ancient Iranian culture. Iranian thought created Shi’a metaphysics.