Political philosophy

Why Personality Matters


Let‘s make no mistakes: the end of posturing is near, or in other words, Protestant politics „as if“ have run afoul of Western leadership, calling for a positive turn with populism.

Jerusalem goes East


With Jerusalem on track again after millennia to becoming the acknowledged capital of the Jews, major politico-theological changes are upon us.

Philosophy of Authority


The irritating fact about modernity is that romanticism with its medieval nostalgia won’t die. The West for all its cyber intelligence and digital empowerment seems incapable to let the medieval world go.



Today, however, things seem to have changed. The land that seemed oriented to salvation imbued with the religious spirit of mankind, has now become the place where a post-human future is prepared, where men are going to be ruled by robotized artificial intelligences. From the place of utopia it's becoming the place of dystopia. Recently a scientist such as Stephen Hawking reminded this, warning us that the development of artificial intelligence «could be the worst event in the history of our civilization»: «theoretically, computers can emulate human intelligence and even overcome it. The success in creating artificial intelligence could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. Or the worst». The messianic tension that once belonged to America, has now turned into a satanic atmosphere, prey to a technological limitless madness, which one can't oppose because the future is already present.