Political philosophy

Brexit – A Particular Perspective


The recent surge in particular sentiments, anti-globailsm and authenticity politics betrays a longing for a politcal rapproachment between reality and representation or the way we think and the way we speak.

Horizon of the Ideal Empire


As for gender, women will be esteemed in the Empire, since they are more interesting than men (and more beautiful). Men will not be upset by this given that envy will be abolished by decree (The first decree will be abolishing envy, jealousy, and property; envy will be published with three shots of ivy for an envious look and six for a jealous word). Women will love the Empire and cherish it every morning in greeting the sun.

Anthropological moment in human history


The process of liberation of the human individual  from all traces of collective identity has reach its ultimate point. But to be human is the same as to share collective identity with other human. In the liberal individualist liberal sight it should be optional – as in the case of gender, nation, religion, race and so on. So today gay-pride – tomorrow robot-pride. This approaching moment obliges us to rethink what is human in coming years and months. If liberal individualist anthropology is right, so well – welcome to Singularity and let’s accelerate its coming.

The last point of descent to hell


The Europeans did arrive to the last point of their descent to hell. The darkness is so strong that nobody recalls anymore what the light may be. That is the consequence of the revanche of Logos of Cybele mastered in the origins of European civilization by Indo-European Apollonian cultures, but liberated itself from the the chains – like Satan in the Apocalypse story. The metaphysics of technic is the essence of titanism. The present state of things in Europe is not casual, it is a logical stage – the final one – of the process originated with the Modernity and the refusal of Tradition. The Europe without Tradition is not Europe any more, it is Anti-Europe.