Political philosophy

Anthropological moment in human history


The process of liberation of the human individual  from all traces of collective identity has reach its ultimate point. But to be human is the same as to share collective identity with other human. In the liberal individualist liberal sight it should be optional – as in the case of gender, nation, religion, race and so on. So today gay-pride – tomorrow robot-pride. This approaching moment obliges us to rethink what is human in coming years and months. If liberal individualist anthropology is right, so well – welcome to Singularity and let’s accelerate its coming.

The last point of descent to hell


The Europeans did arrive to the last point of their descent to hell. The darkness is so strong that nobody recalls anymore what the light may be. That is the consequence of the revanche of Logos of Cybele mastered in the origins of European civilization by Indo-European Apollonian cultures, but liberated itself from the the chains – like Satan in the Apocalypse story. The metaphysics of technic is the essence of titanism. The present state of things in Europe is not casual, it is a logical stage – the final one – of the process originated with the Modernity and the refusal of Tradition. The Europe without Tradition is not Europe any more, it is Anti-Europe.

Challenges of Modern Traditionalism


We see that liberalism was a beautiful and enchanting dissident to communism and we were to different degrees hijacked by its beauty. However, when left alone, it started eating itself and started contradicting itself and it became a much uglier, much more ruthless and brutal form of totalitarianism than we have seen, I am afraid, in fascism or communism. 

The Eurasianist Polemic in the Opposition


The possibility of a true ideological synthesis which could perfectly unite the “Bolsheviks” and “Mensheviks”, “nationalists” and “Eurasianists”, and “national-communists”, “national-democrats”, and “ethno-centricists” is already in view. On the level of geopolitics, the opposition’s ideal should be a powerful and supranational continental Empire that is sovereign on the political, strategic, and economic levels. At the level of domestic national policy, the opposition’s ideal should be the full restoration of national justice for the Russian people which has been oppressed and trampled over long decades of an anti-Russian ideology. This in particular means a radical struggle to the last breath against the Russophobic rabble which has now seized power in the country.

The Origin of Human Robots


In the world full of high-tech devices and endless communications, the only thing which really misses from the scenery is a human being. Presentations and representations appear instead.

Bannon and Traditionalism


The common thread to Bannon’s canon is an apocalyptic foreboding about the fate of the west. What he took from Hinduism was the idea that we are living in the age of Kali Yuga — a 6,000-year period of darkness in which tradition is forgotten. What he took from the Europeans was unshakeable cultural pessimism. Those seeking Bannon’s fingerprints might read Trump’s inaugural “American carnage” address in January, or his “clash of civilisations” speech in Warsaw this month. Whenever Trump sounds dark, you can be sure of Bannon’s hand.

The Fourth Political Theory and the Problem of the Devil


When we reject the political philosophy of the Mother, we do not fall into nothingness and chaos. We still have two very effective political-philosophical models. If we did not know the political philosophy of the Father and the political philosophy of the Son, then flowing along this “river” might not be so repulsive and, perhaps, we might agree to it given the absence of the very capacity to choose another direction - there is nothing out of the horror.

Trump skewering Me-Pods


President Trump‘s personality is of an entirely different kind rather akin to Zeno, the Fin-de-Siecle anti-hero of Italo Svevo‘s towering novel of modern man: “Zeno’s Conscience”.

100 years since the Bolshevik coup d’état


On the occasion of the October Revolution centenary we decided to ask personalities from the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia and western countries the same set of questions. These interviews are intended to represent a modest contribution to the re-evaluation of the events that had an impact in the 20th century.