Political philosophy

On Populism


I would like to pay attention to the question of democracy: demoskratos . There is a very interesting text by Nicole Loraux where she shows us what kratos means “to have below”. So demoskratos means having a part of the town below.

Liberalism and the Individual


The Person, as such, is transcendent, yet takes on an essence when manifesting in space-time. In contrast to existentialism, the Person is transcendent to existence, yet has essential characteristics

Counterrevolutionary Polemics: Katechon and Crisis in de Maistre, Donoso, and Schmitt


 For the theorists of crisis, the revolutionary state comes into existence through violence, and due to its inability to provide an authoritative katechon (restrainer) against internal and external violence, it perpetuates violence until it self-destructs. Writing during extreme economic depression and growing social and political violence, the crisis theorists––Joseph de Maistre, Juan Donoso Cortés, and Carl Schmitt––each sought to blame the chaos of their time upon the Janus-faced post-revolutionary ideals of liberalism and socialism by urging a return to pre-revolutionary moral and religious values.