Political philosophy

On the Third Rome


The fall of Constantinople was a turning point in the history of the Russian Church. This event had great meaning for the Russian Orthodox mind. The Turkish conquest of the New Rome could not have failed to impart a deep shock to the foundations of the eschatological worldview of the entire Orthodox world.

Priests and Warriors should regain its essential position


I consider Martin Heidegger as greatest philosopher. But there is explicit part in his writings and implicit. He has devellopped the philosophical basis for many different applications that he didn’t make himself. So I found in Heidegger the principles of political philosophy that is given only as the some allusions, hints, remarks, but we can deduce it from the general context of his philosophy.

Why Personality Matters


Let‘s make no mistakes: the end of posturing is near, or in other words, Protestant politics „as if“ have run afoul of Western leadership, calling for a positive turn with populism.

Jerusalem goes East


With Jerusalem on track again after millennia to becoming the acknowledged capital of the Jews, major politico-theological changes are upon us.