Netanyahu: The Zionist Pinocchio


Two weeks ago, Lebanese Caretaker Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil accompanied a group of foreign ambassadors to a site in the southern suburb of Beirut, near the airport, to refute the claims of the apartheid Zionist entity’s Prime Minister Benjami

View from the right


Review: Alain de Benoist, View from the right. A Critical Anthology of Contemporary Ideas. Vol. I. Translated by Robert A. Lindgren. London 2017

Little ancient world


The saint and the soccer ball. The kiss to Saint Januarius’ holy relic, the rosary in hand, the prayer card in the wallet and the dribble in hometown’s alley, as when one was a child.

First shot in the Roșca file


October 8, at the Court of Appeal of Comrat, the panel of judges composed by Grigori Colev as president, Ștefan Starciuc and Marina Galupa examined the request sent by me, Iurie Roșca, and Iulian Rusanovschi, my lawyer, against the closing of the

Jens Stoltenberg is a Disgrace for Entire Humanity


Jens Stoltenberg is a disgraceful creature, arrogant and ignorant. His ignorance is now confirmed, again. During his ongoing visit to Serbia, he dared to say that Serbian people have “poor memories” of NATO bombing.