The Empire Strikes Back

The first days of Trump’s administration brought a sense of relief, with the defeat of the Clinton clan, and what people thought was also a defeat of the Atlantist power and of liberal-capitalism.

Kuwait – Russia: A Friendship of Over a Century

In February, Kuwait, a small, but highly influential emirate in the estuary of the Arab (Persian) Gulf, is festively celebrating two great holidays at once: the country’s independence in 1961 and the emirate’s liberation from Iraqi aggression in

The New Zimbabwe

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting that took place in Davos gave the new Zimbabwean Leader President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa an opportunity to engage the West and clearly establish his position on a number of key issues.

Seven Years of Reprisal in Bahrain

Since the eruption of Bahrain’s popular uprising in 2011, thousands of citizens have been arrested without proper cause and often tortured in detention. The Bahraini judiciary is utilised by the regime to suppress the peaceful dissents.

Chairman Soros’ (Not So) New Directive


Maybe some of you can still remember those golden years, when the main proof of the dictatorial nature of a number of regimes within “the axis of evil” was that they allowed only restricted access to the internet.