Skripal and Syria: The globalists lost everything


Now it`s completely clear for us why was organized this case of so-called «Skripalpoisoning». All that was created in order to blame Russia for using chemical weapon on the British territory, was necessary to prepare strikes of the anglo-saxon atl

Djukanovic`s cage

That in Montenegro under Milo Djukanovic there is rule of corruption and crime, it‘s not a secret. However, the ongoing events show that the regime of Milo Djukanovic chooses no means to remain in power.

Considerations on Spengler


            The triple opposition culture – soul - life vs. civilization – intellect – reason takes a new turn with O. Spengler (The Decline of the West. 1918-1922). He actually deals with culture as well as cultures.

Declaration Against the Expansion of the Syrian War


In the face of the current tense and disorderly situation with regard to Syria where President Donald Trump has announced that he will make a military retaliation against Syria and where Russia has declared it will defend Syria against such a military act,