Monument To The Russian Elite No. 4


Sculpture number 4, which is being erected on Bolotnaya Square, is being heatedly discussed today. The sculpture, of course, is still the same. And what she reminds each baby is clear. Almost everyone is familiar with this.

God-Emperor of the Climate


The funniest thing with “the Climate Change” is that it is a binding doctrine of the media, pop culture and politics for last several years.

Life, Thought and Echo-Persons


My main goal is that people - both in power and outside of power - learn to think. Not to think exactly as we do or similar but just to think. This thinking may not be the same as ours, and it may be contrary to what and to how we think.  Thinking is following the thought itself. And who knows where it will lead us... We have to follow it – wherever it leads ... Therefore, teaching people to think is a risk. Huge risk. And we have to accept it. Because to be is to be in danger. And to think is highest state of being… Therefore that is highest risk.

Doubts and deadlocks of vaccination


Revaccination – loud calls to be vaccinated again and again and to receive in return various pleasant benefits – such as a QR code or even participation in a raffle of a whole car. That is what is happening actually in Russia. This is already a real epic fail. When they realized that it would not take a long time to hide the fact that the vaccine was a hoax, the idea was born about “new strains” and about the need to do it over and over again. Combined with the false target of herd immunity (let’s infect everyone with bubonic plague, come on !, come on !, of course, come on!) forced revaccination already looks really ominous.