NGO-isation of Bangladesh


NGO or Non Governmental Organization is defined as a non-profit, voluntary citizens' group that is organized on a local, national or international level and independent from states, national and

Louisiana’s Journey Back to Monarchy

Louisiana, one of the States of the American South, has a reputation for having a troubled political system.  This year has been no different, with another budget crisis getting most of the attention of the 2017 State Legislative Session.

Trump goes East


Its is absolutely mesmerizing to consider how Donald Trump acquired the acumen exactly how to scewer the bohemian squares and the green elites.

Crisis of Europe


Today, many people often speak about crisis of Europe. However, meaning of this term varies depending on point of view and position of speaker. Therefore, let me have a think about what crisis of Europe can be.

Fairytale Polish Empire


Nearly one million square kilometres, territories from Estonia to Moldavia and from Silesia to Smolensk (of course, not at the same time ...), "Shuysky Tribute" (no matter that made by EX-tsar), the Winged Hussars (drowned in the mud of the Zhovti Vody and Korsun, plucked in the Batih River, following the Swedish Deluge or descending in subsequent wars). Polish Empire. Dream which is not only indestructible, but unfortunately never actually existed – but still influent Polish (geo)political thinking.