Leonid Savin

Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of Geopolitica.ru (from 2008), founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs (eurasianaffairs.net); head of the administration of International "Eurasian movement". Former Chief editor of Katehon site and magazine (2015 - 2017).

Director of the Foundation of monitoring and forecasting of development for the cultural-territorial spaces (FMPRKTP).

Author of numerous books on geopolitics, conflicts, international relations and political philosophy issued in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Serbia and Iran.

Author publications

Title Dateorden ascendente Language
Techno-géopolitique : tendances mondiales 21.01.2022 French
Geopolítica Tecnológica: Tendências Globais 20.01.2022 Portuguese, Brazil
Democracy and rule of law do not exist in Ukraine, but corruption thrives 10.01.2022 English
Multipolaridade e Policentrismo 02.01.2022 Portuguese, Brazil
Covidocracia 01.01.2022 Portuguese, Brazil
Vienna Talks: Global Chessboard behind Negotiations and Juridical Battles 27.12.2021 English
Nicaragua: From Taiwan To China 20.12.2021 English
Nicarágua: De Taiwan à China 20.12.2021 Portuguese, Brazil
Britain Aiming To Create Golem Soldiers 06.12.2021 English
The Essence of Power 03.12.2021 English
Sur l'essence et les fonctions du pouvoir1 30.11.2021 French
Hedgemony: O Novo Jogo de Tabuleiro desenvolvido para o Pentágono 29.11.2021 Portuguese, Brazil
Grey Zone: a theoretical concept and strategic tool of the West 29.11.2021 English
L'OTAN développe des techniques de guerre cognitive 23.11.2021 French
Sur l'ingérence de la Grande-Bretagne en Amérique latine 22.11.2021 French
Die Amerikaner wenden sich gegen uns alle: Eurasisches Bündnis soll gestärkt werden 17.11.2021 German
The Real Grey Zone 12.11.2021 English
The USA is targeting us all, the Eurasian Alliance must be strengthened 10.11.2021 English
NATO Developed New Methods of Cognitive Warfare 05.11.2021 English
La OTAN desarrolla nuevos métodos de guerra cognitiva 01.11.2021 Spanish
The Three Seas Initiative And Global Britain 12.10.2021 English
Die Drei-Meere-Initiative und Global Britain 09.10.2021 German
Swamp Power oder die Macht des Schlamms 07.10.2021 German
L'UE tente de s'implanter dans la région indo-pacifique 06.10.2021 French