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Foro de Chisinau (Moldavia): Discurso introductorio 04.11.2019 Испанский
Chișinău Forum III: International conference “Beyond the Unipolar Moment – Perspectives on the Emerging Multipolar World” 23.09.2019 Английский
The Fourth Political Theory seen from Uruguay 30.08.2019 Английский
If Mr. Dugin is demonized by the ”Washington Post”, that means he's right 26.04.2019 Английский
Welcome to the family of future political prisoners, dear Manuel! 17.02.2019 Английский
Bienvenue dans la famille des futurs prisonniers politiques, cher Manuel! 17.02.2019 Французский
Un manuel de combat pour la guerre cognitive totale 16.02.2019 Французский
Vers l’unité continentale 16.02.2019 Французский
In Memoriam Ivan Blot 11.10.2018 Французский
The Movement – the gravedigger of globalism or The mission of American Steve Bannon in Europe 24.07.2018 Английский
The Romanian State – the tip of the spear of American imperialism 03.03.2018 Английский
Moldova – zone of geopolitical clashes or the golden bridge between East and West. 15.11.2017 Английский
Like the soviet regime created a religion, so does Western liberalism 10.11.2017 Английский
Moldova has the mission of becoming a space of confluences between Western Europe and Russia 05.06.2017 Английский
The Moldovan Crisis As the Effect of Ideological Emptiness Английский
European Integration as State Ideology and Social Malady Английский