Leonid Savin

Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of Geopolitica.ru (from 2008), founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs (eurasianaffairs.net); head of the administration of International "Eurasian movement". Former Chief editor of Katehon site and magazine (2015 - 2017).

Director of the Foundation of monitoring and forecasting of development for the cultural-territorial spaces (FMPRKTP).

Author of numerous books on geopolitics, conflicts, international relations and political philosophy issued in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Serbia and Iran.

Author publications

Title Dateazalan sırada Language
Bill Gates, Vaccinations, Microchips, And Patent 060606 30.04.2020 English
The Hegemon Won’t Leave 06.05.2020 English
Operation Vengeance 20.05.2020 English
New Malthusianism And The Misanthrope Dynasties 26.05.2020 English
The Volleys Of An Information War Against China 29.05.2020 English
Will There Be A New War In Asia? 01.06.2020 English
America’s Maidan/Tiananmen Square/Perestroika/Plutocracy Conspiracy (delete as appropriate) 16.06.2020 English
Ripped States Of America 23.06.2020 English
La pregunta de la geoeconomía 30.06.2020 Spanish
Etnias y economía 01.07.2020 Spanish
En defensa de Adam Smith 01.07.2020 Spanish
West Point Mafia 03.07.2020 Spanish
US Begins Active Militarisation Of Space 04.07.2020 English
The West Point Mafia 10.07.2020 English
Guerra de proxy en Libia y el cambio de equilibrio geopolítico en África del norte 23.07.2020 Spanish
Libya’s Proxy War And The Changing Geopolitical Balance Of North Africa 25.07.2020 English
Sobre el fallo sin precedentes del Tribunal Constitucional de Alemania 27.07.2020 Spanish
In Military Service To The US And… Satan 29.07.2020 English
El Ártico y la fuerza aérea de los Estados Unidos 02.08.2020 Spanish
¿Qué más se explotará en oriente medio después de Beirut? 07.08.2020 Spanish
La furia de la mafia de Silicon, o el juego sin reglas 10.08.2020 Spanish
The Arctic And The US Air Force 11.08.2020 English
The Beirut Port Explosion: A Comprehensive Analysis 13.08.2020 English
Western IT Giants Are Becoming Toxic 17.08.2020 English
The world is going to multipolarity 26.08.2020 English