Leonid Savin

Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of Geopolitica.ru (from 2008), founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs (eurasianaffairs.net); head of the administration of International "Eurasian movement". Former Chief editor of Katehon site and magazine (2015 - 2017).

Director of the Foundation of monitoring and forecasting of development for the cultural-territorial spaces (FMPRKTP).

Author of numerous books on geopolitics, conflicts, international relations and political philosophy issued in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Serbia and Iran.

Author publications

Titleazalan sırada Date Language
The US vs. the UN: The Struggle for Real International Law 30.09.2016 English
The USA Have Used Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Afghanistan and Iraq 31.08.2012 English
The USA is targeting us all, the Eurasian Alliance must be strengthened 10.11.2021 English
The Volleys Of An Information War Against China 29.05.2020 English
The West Point Mafia 10.07.2020 English
The West vs Russia: The Baltic Front 01.08.2019 English
The world is going to multipolarity 26.08.2020 English
Threats to the U.S. as viewed by the country’s intelligence 04.09.2012 English
Tira una brutta aria in America 15.01.2021 Italian
Towards a Social and Humanitarian Eurasian Union 12.05.2017 English
Trying To Finn-ish Us Off? 29.10.2018 English
Two strategies against Yemen 06.05.2017 English
U.S. conspiracy theories and the Americans mentality 19.12.2016 English
Ukraine, years of conflict: external sponsors and social swarming 08.01.2018 English
Ukraine: Failed State, Fake Revolution 23.02.2015 English
Un genocidio poco conosciuto 25.10.2019 Italian
Un muro ed una frontiera 04.02.2019 Italian
Una spaccatura nelle relazioni tra Stati Uniti e Turchia 25.10.2019 Italian
Unrest In The Horn Of Africa 01.12.2020 English
US Begins Active Militarisation Of Space 04.07.2020 English
US Creating Arab And Asian Counterparts To NATO 19.10.2020 English
US Deterrence And The Weaponisation Of Space 09.09.2021 English
US Grand Strategy 22.07.2016 English
US Has No Respect for Sides Involved in JCPOA Process 04.10.2017 English